Gambling Tourism Is A Large Industry

The tourism industry spends billions of dollars annually. Some countries rely on the tourism industry due to their fragile social infrastructures, such as Cambodia and the Philippines. On the other hand, not all activities that tourists enjoy are designed for families, and some activities are for adults only. Gambling is considered an industry that can […]

Difference Between Gambling And Business

Some people think that business is gambling There are people in the world who think that business is gambling such as doubledown codes. But business and gambling aren’t exactly the same thing, and they shouldn’t be completely different. So what’s the difference? Although it is not a pure business, the gambling factor is strong in […]

Malaysia’s Plan to Legalize Online Gambling is Finally Taking Shape

Since July of 2019, the government of Malaysia has already been contemplating enactment of laws that would allow the country’s non-Muslim citizens to gamble. Thereafter in July 2020, Deputy Minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin of Malaysia’s Communications and Multimedia Department mentioned in a televised interview that discussions are still ongoing over the possible legalization of […]

Gambling: Things to know when investing in a casino

Games of chance have existed long ago. Over the centuries, this industry has seen many changes. There were times when such a hobby was very common and extremely popular, but in the 17th century, casinos were banned by church and state. Nowadays, the gambling industry is completely legal and has even grown into a billion-dollar […]

The Online Gaming Business in Asia

Asia is a continent primed and prepared for widespread online gaming law, however now, there’s a patchwork of legislation and rules hard for operators and operators to browse. Having a population of 4.4 billion people throughout the country’s 48 states, the sector is huge but relatively untapped. There’s a massive appetite for gaming throughout both […]

Indonesian Economists Give Warning that The Country is at Near Recession.

Indonesian economists are voicing warnings that the country is facing a “near recession” as the country is now confronted with a second wave of the coronavirus. Faisal Basri, a Senior Economist at the University of Indonesia also gives advice to President Widodo’s government to first focus on the need to control the pandemic because the […]

Online Slot Games – The Future Of The Gambling Industry

In several South East Asian countries, mega888 is one of the most popular online casino platforms that offers various types of online slot games, with many of their slot games being interactive, engaging and immersive enhancing the overall gaming and gambling experience of its players. Online Slots – Most Loved Casino Game We cannot deny […]

Advantages and features of cryptology in the gambling business

Anonymity – all cryptographic transactions are completely anonymized. From the information available, you can only see the number of wallets the digital currency is being transferred from and to. Wallet owners are registered under aliases and do not provide any identification information. Thus, you can bet in online gambling such as without worrying about […]

How cryptocurrencies will change the online gambling world

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Co. are increasingly finding their way into online gambling like Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Bitcoin, arguably the best-known of all cryptocurrencies in 2017, experienced a surge in value that even the greatest proponents barely dared to dream of during the past few years. Cryptocurrencies are only […]

Thailand’s Smartphone Users Noted as Leading Social Media Shoppers

While in previous years the demand for smartphones soared in Thailand, today Thai smartphone users have made record as frontrunners in social media shopping. Thais access the Internet with their smartphones for different purposes, including for business or professional transactions. Yet half ot Thailand’s Internet users connect to social media sites most of the time. […]

Why SBOBET88 Agents are Popular in Indonesia

Many wagers know how popular Satta King agents are in India. And like India, SBOBET88 agents are also the most popular in Indonesia. At the height of the sports betting craze, which was before the Indonesian government clamped down online sportsbooks, SBOBET88 agents were much sought after. Most Indonesian gamblers put their trust in these […]

Ways technology is changing the casino gambling industry

Casinos have diversified their businesses nowadays. They have included golf, restaurants, hotels, spas, and other recreational facilities on their property. So visiting a casino is not just about gambling, it’s about the whole experience. With the advancement of technology, the casino landscape has changed. People can play online games while sitting at home. Ways technology […]

The Future of Gambling

While you can visit online casino sites like to play your favorite casino games, you can up it a notch by playing it along with your friends right within your social media accounts. This is otherwise called as Social Gambling. Simply speaking, this is a form of gaming but rather than on the casino […]

Starting an Online Gaming Business

It’s indisputable that the web is taking over conventional media. News posts are published on the internet, photographs are shared on interpersonal networking, not stored in local records, and tickets to concerts can be purchased through telephone, and overlook the lines! The amusement sector is evolving too, and we aren’t just discussing streaming solutions rivaling […]

How Online Casinos Use WeChat App When Onboarding New Customers

Online casinos that offer judi slot online in countries like Indonesia are using advanced technologies in verifying the identity of onboarding customers. Aside from personal vetting by local Indonesian agents, official registration procedures administered by customer service personnel make use of the WeChat app as an additional tool for ID verification. Actually, the WeChat app […]

Would You Consider Yourself as a Casual Gambler or Professional?

Gamblers are facing a tough challenge in laying the foundation for themselves as professionals in business or trade of gambling. Because let’s face it, most people find gambling for pleasure. There are people who are doing it for profit but historically, taxpayers have had issues in trying to define their occupation. According to The Supreme […]

Gambling Still A Milking Cow In Many European Countries

Casinos, online and offline poker, in casinos or at tournaments, tricks, sports betting and, last but not least, the lottery last year accounted for a cumulative business that exceeds, according to Business Magazin calculations based on market estimates, 1.3 billion without taking into account the black market, which is supposed to tend to one billion. […]

Starting Your Own Online Casino Business – Important Elements

Running an online casino business such as the situs judi slot online is a highly lucrative venture. The online gambling sector in the gambling and igaming industry has been seeing continuous and fast growth in recent years. And research and data analysis show that this upward movement will most certainly continue in the coming years. […]