Countries with the least Restrictions for Online Casinos Operators

Probably, you’ve done some research on various gaming websites before proceeding to perform Mega888 APK download and play your favorite casino games. With all the information you obtained, you began thinking about how you could make more money by gambling? Well perhaps, a probable solution is by opening your very own casino online. This seems to be a sensible move especially if you and your friends are inclined with technology.

Not everyone can just Run an Online Casino as Mega888 does

While the idea of opening your own internet casino excites you, pause a little. Because depending on where you live, running a casino over the web might not be possible. The US for instance has implemented the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Under this law, it doesn’t enable the collection of wagers or bets online and thus, limiting various online casinos to operate.

Though, this doesn’t automatically mean that you can forget your dream of opening your business either. Rather, you may pick a different country in opening your online casino. Believe it or not, there are some Americans who’ve made big fortunes running their business onshore.

What Countries Welcome Online Casino Operations?

Of course, there are several countries that allow online casinos in exchange for a certain fee. If you think that it is a powerful concept you have in mind, then maybe you should give it a try.

Antigua and Barbuda

These countries are located in West Indies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Barbuda and Antigua are two islands that share one government. Most of the citizens are employed either in money services, tourism or gaming.

Before thinking of opening your online casino in their country, you need to be aware of the fees associated like for instance:

  • $15,000 for online casino license application
  • $100,000 for the annual licensing fee
  • $100,000 reserve for the security of online players

If you are not ready for the fees, then you may as well park your idea for a moment.


If you are looking for a place with the least expensive fees for online casinos, then Curacao may your next best shot. Likewise, with Barbuda and Antigua, the island is generating the majority of its profits via tourism.

Say that you’re opening an online casino there, the application fee is only $2,300 while the monthly fee is only set at $1,700. What’s more, the application process takes 6 weeks tops and you can start applying for a master’s license that covers all kinds of gaming and software needed for gaming as well as other gaming products.