Las Vegas Game Slot: Slot Machines

Slot machines account for the majority of gambling revenue. In Las Vegas, there are well over 200,000 slots and slot machines.

Game slot: different categories for slot machines

Slot Machines

While most slots are now digital and can be paid for without cash, you still have to do real manual work here. Feed coins to the slot machine and pull the lever. Winning and losing are very close here. However, only most slot machines are fully mechanical these days. Most Las Vegas games are also digital and run by computers. So pulling the lever to start the reels is more of a gimmick, but still has style. Some of these Las Vegas games are also offered under the names Retro Slots, Classic Slots or Vintage Slots.

Game slot

Fruit Machines/Fruit Slots

The expression fruit machines are very popular in Europe. In the USA, these slot machines are known as penny slots. By the way, the origin of the fruits on the reels is quite interesting. In the 19th century, mechanical slot machines were primarily found in the saloons of the Wild West. There was no money to be won, only drinks or cigars. However, with resistance to alcohol rising in the United States, a manufacturer of chewing gum came up with the idea of ​​putting its different flavors on the reels. And that’s why you still often play game slot with lemons, melons, plums or cherries today.


Penny slots are without question the most popular Las Vegas games. But don’t let the name fool you. Even stakes of just a few cents can quickly add up in one evening. Up to 500 spins per hour are quite feasible for real gamblers. With a dollar bet and 5 hours of slot play, you can quickly bet several thousand dollars.


More technically correct is the term video slots for newer digital slot games in Las Vegas and also in the rest of the world. Classic machines are fully mechanical and are operated by gears and discs. In video slots, on the other hand, a random number generator determines the outcome of your spins.

And a whole lot else has happened. The display is on real screens. In addition to sometimes impressive animations and graphics, this also enables more comfortable control. Most video slots now not only have switches for changing bets and activating bonus features, but also a touch screen.