The Future of Gambling

While you can visit online casino sites like to play your favorite casino games, you can up it a notch by playing it along with your friends right within your social media accounts. This is otherwise called as Social Gambling. Simply speaking, this is a form of gaming but rather than on the casino site, it takes place on social media.

For the past several years, there are a lot of gambling operators who launched social media games on Facebook with the objective of tapping to the most number of players. Until then, Zynga, a gaming company was operating real money on various online poker games on Facebook to players in the United Kingdom in as early as 2014. All of the social gambling apps are offering players the opportunity to play free of charge!

With Facebook dominating the social media scene, it’s not really surprising that social gaming is at just the right age on Facebook. As a matter of fact, 61 percent of players gambling on social media do it on Facebook.

On the other hand, playing with real money on Facebook is allowed in certain countries only, considering that they have requested for prior authorization. Since just few countries are able to meet the required criteria, free apps and games are more likely to stay put and keep on dominating the social gambling atmosphere. Few of the top games around social media include Texas Hold’em Poker, Slots and even Blackjack. All of the said games can be played right through Facebook and free of charge!

Is this the Future?

Some of the largest and prominent names in the world of gambling have been already thinking of different methods to combine social media and gambling. These two markets create a synergy of helping each other to grow. With social games peaking at 290 million active players every month on Facebook alone, it is a good indication that it’s something that can result to a positive outcome.

Social Media and Social Gaming

We have learned that social media has opened doors to real money gaming, it has gone through a significant change. In 2011 actually, Facebook introduces Facebook credits which is a virtual currency allowing users to buy goods in apps and games. Some even stated that this allowed real money gambling and betting on a much bigger scale. Additionally, this ensures huge cash flow through Facebook that can boost its stock prices.