Why SBOBET88 Agents are Popular in Indonesia

Many wagers know how popular Satta King agents are in India. And like India, SBOBET88 agents are also the most popular in Indonesia.

At the height of the sports betting craze, which was before the Indonesian government clamped down online sportsbooks, SBOBET88 agents were much sought after. Most Indonesian gamblers put their trust in these agents because they represent SBOBET, an online sportsbook that they came to know as a sponsor of a favorite football league; in some cases, SBOBET was also identified as the official betting partner of a professional football team.

SBOBET Sports Sponsorship of Football Leagues

At the time of SBOBET’s sponsorship deals, the budding sports betting company had to compete with other major sports betting giants like William Hill, Betway, 888Sport and BetVictor, just to name a few. Naturally, SBOBET must think of ways and strategies that will allow the igaming company to promote its brand.

Still the marketing and promotions strategy must take legal and regulated approaches in order to make the sponsorship investment work . Aside from the gambling regulator where the football competitions take place, there are also advertising watchdogs that closely monitor the sponsorship deals.

SBOBET and its SBOBET88 platform though, did not fully concentrate in offering its betting products to UK and European punters, Instead they saw opportunities to make their online sports betting facility SBOBET88 available in Southeast Asia. inasmuch as Indonesian bettors easily recognized the SBOBET brand in light of football uniform sponsorships, they looked for an agen sbobet who can provide them the bookmaker’s sports betting products and betting odds.

However, Islamic Laws had to be strictly enforced, prompting the government to prevent prohibit Indonesians from accessing all online gambling sites.

SBOBET88 Agents Remain Active Through Personal Websites

Although adult Indonesian gamblers can no longer access the SBOBET88 sportsbook, agents now more than ever have become in demand. Through their personal websites, Indonesian customers can get in touch with a SBOBET support staff.


After making the necessary verification steps to validate the customer and his SBOBET account, the support staff will provide a link that will allow the customer to login and access the featured betting products.

If a customer wishes to access the SBOBET online casino as well, the support staff will provide another link. On the other hand, SBOBET agents can invite their friends, relatives, and other people they trust, to enroll as SBOBET members. The key element that binds the agent and his recruits is mutual trust.

The agent will assist his recruit to ensure that forms have been filled up properly and the necessary information has been provided. Again, the SBOBET support staff assigned at the agent’s website will verify the identity of the registering member and all related information, before giving a link to the SBOBET88 sportsbook and/or online casino.