Difference Between Gambling And Business

Some people think that business is gambling
There are people in the world who think that business is gambling such as doubledown codes. But business and gambling aren’t exactly the same thing, and they shouldn’t be completely different. So what’s the difference? Although it is not a pure business, the gambling factor is strong in the case of transactions such as FX and stock trading that are popular nowadays. Stock trading is based on the simple principle of buying at a low price and selling at a high price. But everyone knows that stock prices don’t always rise. Buying a stock means buying the future value of the company, and there is no clear product or service that should be in business transactions. Equity trading is truly gambling in that it puts a “wager” on future outcomes that may or may not come out.

What business and gambling have in common there is no winning strategy
And gambling has the characteristic that there is no winning method. However, there are many people who are caught in the scam of teaching pachinko and pachislot winning methods. There are many people who are deceived by 2 million or 3 million yen. Recently, some people have been caught in the scam of giving the winning number of Lotto 6 in advance. In the first place, if there is really a winning method, you should be making a lot of money by making use of it for gambling by yourself without telling others. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a winning strategy, be it gambling or business. If there is a winning tactic, it means that somewhere there is a squid. Shuji Terayama, who is also famous for his love of gambling, has left these words.

What business and gambling have in the common-the process is more interesting than the results
Is it a legitimate group like Shuji Terayama? Gamblers aren’t just looking for thrills. They value a more risky way of life than a peaceful and safe life. On the other hand, whether it’s gambling or business, it’s the same in terms of challenging future success. Ultimately, you have to leave yourself to luck, and you have to recognize and accept your position. Sometimes people tell me the synopsis of the movie I watched, but I’m sure they will be hated. The reason is that the fun of the story is not at the end, but the process of reaching the end is what attracts people. So, even if there is always a profitable business, the enjoyment of the business itself is already lost there. Recently, however, both gamblers and businessmen have forgotten the fun of “gambling.” Pursuing only the results, we no longer see the fun of itself. That’s why winning scams are rampant in the gambling world, and fraud is rampant in the business world.

What business and gambling have in the common-the end is left to luck
There is nothing that human beings can do perfectly with their own abilities. There is a moment when you have to leave your luck to heaven. It’s the same for gambling and business that if you do your best at the limit of the unknown, you have to ask the dice from that point onward. Gambling is a game in which people who try to find a winning method with their own talents and efforts participate.

What is the only difference between business and gambling?
However, there is a big gap between gambling, which is nothing, and businesses that create “value” in terms of what they create from the game. Isn’t this the difference between gambling and business?