Play with luck without going under

There is no end to the gambling on the Internet or at the slot machine in the arcade. Your own money is long gone, now it’s the family’s reserves.

There are clear warning signs. For example, you gamble away more money than your budget allows and also use that of your parents, partners or children. You spend a lot of time in the arcade, on the internet or in the casino, hiding that you have gambled. A bad cycle begins when you try to win back lost money. That doesn’t work, it keeps you tied to the game. In the long term, people who otherwise have few opportunities to gain a sense of achievement and who flee from problems in the game are particularly at risk.

How can you play responsibly?

Make two simple things clear to yourself. First, gambling costs money. Second, you can’t make money gambling. It is an illusion. A game of chance is not a skill game. This is by definition mutually exclusive because you don’t need the skill to win, just luck. Commercial slot machines that are still found in every snack bar today are among the games of chance with the highest potential for addiction. Playing games of chance online like judi bola is not advisable at all if you don’t know how to control yourself as the seriousness of the providers cannot be controlled by the customer.

Why can gambling be addicting?

Similar to other addictions, gambling also activates the human reward system. In gambling, it is mainly dopamine that is released in high doses. This substance brings the euphoria, the kick – and puts the player in a frenzy in which you can hardly control yourself. If you repeat this often, you risk becoming psychologically dependent on the high.

This is especially true for games of chance, in which a lot happens very quickly, such as slot machines. They create a high level of tension because the game goes very quickly: a maximum of five seconds elapse between the bet of money and the experience of winning or losing. And the faster that goes, the sooner lost games appear to the player like almost won games – and the more the machine binds the gambler to himself, who almost reflexively makes further bets without thinking.