How Online Casinos Use WeChat App When Onboarding New Customers

Online casinos that offer judi slot online in countries like Indonesia are using advanced technologies in verifying the identity of onboarding customers. Aside from personal vetting by local Indonesian agents, official registration procedures administered by customer service personnel make use of the WeChat app as an additional tool for ID verification.

Actually, the WeChat app is more than just a social media and messaging tool. It also offers payment processing services via WeChat Pay, which altogether streamlines the onboarding system that allows customers to quickly access an online casino’s real-money gaming offers.

The continuing growth of online gambling in Asia is attributed to the increasing numbers of mobile phone users, many of whom harness innovative everyday tech solutions that simplify their lifestyle. The WeChat app is currently at the forefront of such technologies, and many online gaming platforms looking to eliminate unnecessary delays and additional costs of monitoring regulatory compliance, readily recognized the app’s usefulness for their systems.

About the WeChat App and What Can It Do?

The WeChat app is one of the many innovations created by Tencent, one of China’s biggest and most innovative technology companies specializing in the creation of AI for different Internet-related products and services. Actually, Tencent is quite well-known in Asian countries, especially in the world of esports; being the major stockholder of Riot Games, the igaming company behind the video games “League of Legends” and “Valorant.”

As a messaging and social media app, WeChat automatically collects a broad range of information stored and recorded by users in their smartphones; including location data, photos and videos. When used for ID verification purposes, an online casino can use the app in extracting data that will legitimize an onboarding customer’s membership information.

Personal details can be matched against the info provided in scanned government-issued IDs. In the event that certain information does not match, the online casino’s customer service staff will ask the registering individual to submit selfies in real time while holding the government-issued ID in question.

WeChat Pay Payment Solutions

The WeChat social app comes with an e-wallet called WeChat Pay. As a payment processor, a verified onboarding customer will simply choose the WeChat Pay as deposit option in funding the initial deposit of his or her online casino account. As soon as the online casino receives confirmation that WeChat Pay has transferred funds to the related online casino account, the new player becomes a bonafide member and will be assigned a password to use in accessing the online casino site.